Love Star Karl Glusman on Heartbreak and the Art of the Orgasm – Daily Beast

Daily Beast

Love Star Karl Glusman on Heartbreak and the Art of the Orgasm
Daily Beast
But then most films don't open on their stars naked and in flagrante as Love does with Glusman and co-star Aomi Muyock, who are introduced while engaged in a languid bout of mutual masturbation that ends, inevitably, in orgasm. “It's funny because you …
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Karl Glusman goes from Lake Oswego to stardom in a sexually explicit French 3 … –

Karl Glusman goes from Lake Oswego to stardom in a sexually explicit French 3
It's explicit, full of full-frontal nudity and unsimulated sex, starting from the first scene, when Glusman and Aomi Muyock engage in mutual masturbation. Glusman's onscreen for most of the movie's 135 minutes and completely naked for about half that

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