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If God Created Women to Make Babies Why Does the Female Orgasm Have
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Sex Ed classes be they evangelical, Catholic, secular, focus on reproduction, pregnancy prevention and abstinence gives kids a lot of information about intercourse, but little on disease-and pregnancy-free options like mutual masturbation. The omission

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Adult Mutual Masturbation; What You Need To Know

What are your views on masturbation? Masturbation is a very sensitive topic since not most people feel free to discuss this activity. This is irrespective of it being a thing that happens frequently but most people condemn it thus making it a moral discernment. Masturbation is the stimulation of one’s own genitals so that you can get sexually aroused. Sexual arousal entails getting in the mood to engage in sexual activity.

Masturbation is not only limited to an individual but also there is the adults mutual masturbation whereby both parties do not engage in any form of penetration but in turn use their hands to pleasure each other. Mutual masturbation is widely practiced by all people in different forms of sexual orientation, be it the gay, or the straight, and the bisexuals.

Why engage in mutual masturbation?

There are very many reasons a couple chooses not to engage in sexual penetration but instead use other forms of sexual activities and they still manage to achieve sexual satisfaction. The reasons may include;

• Either of the parties may not be ready to take it to the next level
• As part of therapy, this is recommended for couples who have a dormant sex life and they want to revive this part of their life.
• If the female is not ready to give it up yet, you agree with me on this right? It feels weird to give it up so easily therefore this method will keep him interested before you decide it is time you did the other thing.
• It can be a form of foreplay, as much as kissing is good enough for some people for others it is not good enough and therefore they require more action so that they can get mentally and physically prepared.

With all those reasons for people to engage in the non-penetrative sex it makes mutual masturbation an enticing and appealing form of abstinence. This is a good choice as far as you can limit how often you engage in this activity since it will eventually lead to you wanting more causing you to have the penetrative sex and eventually an unplanned pregnancy. Masturbating with your partner helps you boost your esteem and stigma since you get to know their pleasure parts. This confidence helps spice up your love life and passion, which is a necessary part of your relationship.

Engaging in mutual masturbation is very pleasurable and has been found to cause the most orgasms as compared to penetrative sex. What do you do once you taste favorite yogurt that is just heavenly? You become addicted right? Well take this act as that sweet yogurt, you have your answer masturbation can be very addictive. Addiction is very hard to fight and you have to limit the act before it becomes a weakness.

Disadvantages to your health

• Engaging in oral masturbation can also lead to infections if either of the partners is infected.
• Since no form of contraception is being used there is risk of dirt related infections since neither of the parties has sterilized their hands.

With the pros and cons of this sexual behavior it remains your decision to choose whether or not to try out this method.

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